We have attended 13 outreach events so far!
Inner City Outreach
We began doing more pop-up events in inner city Boston neighborhoods. We found that at these events, the kids were very attentitive and really wanted to learn. When our outreach robot wasn't working, we expected failure, but the kids were still engaged and helpful and even tried to help us fix it.
  1. Menino Center
  2. Menino Center
  3. Menino Center
  4. Menino Center
  5. Menino Center
  6. Menino Center
  7. Menino Center
  8. Menino Center
  9. Menino Center
  10. Menino Center
  11. STEAMing it in the Park
  12. STEAMing it in the Park
  13. Camp Magic and Miracles
  14. Camp Magic and Miracles
  15. Camp Magic and Miracles
  16. Camp Magic and Miracles
  17. Camp Magic and Miracles
  18. Camp Magic and Miracles
  19. Camp Magic and Miracles
  20. Camp Magic and Miracles
  21. Camp Magic and Miracles
  22. Camp Magic and Miracles
  23. Camp Magic and Miracles
  24. STEAMing it in the Park
  25. STEAMing it in the Park
  26. STEAMing it in the Park
  27. STEAMing it in the Park
  28. STEAMing it in the Park
Mainstream Outreach
Starting last spring we attended a number of “mainstream” outreach events such as MIT Science Saturday and the Children’s Museum Tinker Tent, as well as a series of programs at the Meadowbrook School, a private school in Weston. While these events were fun, we realized that these kids had lots of opportunity for STEM education, and we wanted to focus on inner city communities where they had less exposure.
  1. MIT Science Saturday
  2. Children's Museum Tinker Tent
  3. Children's Museum Tinker Tent
  4. Children's Museum Tinker Tent
  5. Children's Museum Tinker Tent
  6. MIT Science Saturday
  7. MIT Science Saturday
  8. MIT Science Saturday
  9. MIT Science Saturday
  10. MIT Science Saturday
  11. MIT Science Saturday
  12. MIT Science Saturday
  13. MIT Science Saturday
  14. MIT Science Saturday
Our Curriculum
Last year we worked on developing our actual curriculum. We knew it would have to be a cheap, easy program that also taught young kids about engineering. We decided to create paper electronics kits which are do it yourself electrical circuits. We have instruction kits for magic wands (tilt sensor), light-up masks (parallel circuit), robot finger puppets (switch), and customizable paper airplanes. They cost about 40 cents per student.
  1. Salvation Army/Cambridge Science Festival
  2. Salvation Army/Cambridge Science Festival
  3. Salvation Army/Cambridge Science Festival
  4. Salvation Army/Cambridge Science Festival
  5. Salvation Army/Cambridge Science Festival
  6. Salvation Army/Cambridge Science Festival
  7. Philbrick Elementary School
  8. Philbrick Elementary School
  9. Philbrick Elementary School
  10. Philbrick Elementary School
  11. Philbrick Elementary School
  12. Meadowbrook School
  13. Meadowbrook School